Virtual Trading

Learn the tricks of the virtual trade
The New Indian Express, on Mon, 04 Nov 2013 22:32:19 -0800

Trading Star,, has launched virtual trading platforms in the form of stock games which evaluate trading skills without using real money.
The aim is to provide fun through trading and make people understand the rules of trading and investment. It also helps attract online visitors which in turn will increase the site visit hits.
All the game sites are virtually not for free. Some are provided for a limited period after which it is charged while others offer  lifetime free opportunity with limited money. If you want to increase the capital money for virtual trades of higher capital, you need to subscribe to different packages.
The platform provides an opportunity to learn different trading skills before plunging into the field with real money. With the digital and mobile communications penetrating very fast across India, the platform providers are better placed with many advantages.
But the point to be borne in mind is that a trader should be disciplined and must follow some basic rules of trading to become successful.
For novice traders, this is the best platform that incorporates and facilitates technology, performance and profitability to help achieve online trading skills. Some of the trading rules are stop losses, early warning signals and technical skills. It allows the person to experiment with his skills or hone them.
The virtual trading is a platform where you can practise your skills and define your trading styles. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, you can practise more complex orders and options strategies before plunging into the real trades.
With free integrated trading screens and research data, you can use a lot of permutations and combinations to virtually trade stocks, ETFs, options, forex, among others.
Experienced traders can analyse multiple options trading strategies and can also analyse their virtual performance and then implement it if they find any suitable pattern. If you make any mistake, even a huge mistake, you don’t lose your money. You can always readjust your account and start all over again with a new capital.
Real trading is a platform where you use your real money and your financial risk is at stake. So people can make use of these platforms to learn the tricks of the trade. Many traders or investors use real trading platform to use their skills to earn money from the market.
With the advancement in technology and the reluctance of individuals to come under the arena of stock markets, many stock brokers provide virtual trading platforms where investors can hone their skills without taking any financial risk. Brokers provide the free platform from the commercial point of view so that they can get ready customers who can bring revenue to the broker in other transactions in future. Those who wish to evaluate their trading skills can register by giving a missed call on 08067730933 or in